The fact is that crime statistics are often reported in a confusing and misleading manner. When the news media reports on crime, they often do so for ratings growth rather than public knowledge. When we research crime statistics, it’s to determine the local effect of criminal behavior in relation to our clients’ wellbeing.

Guard Security acts as a buffer zone for our clients in areas that have demonstrated higher incidences of criminal activities such as breaking and entering, robberies and even arson. We focus on assisting our clients with a multi-pronged approach to crime prevention. Guards who are visibly present help to deter those who are looking to commit crimes of opportunity. Covert surveillance helps to spot those who are operating behind the scenes to take advantage of our clients.

Our company covers a variety of missions in different cities around the country. Our staff works alongside corporate heads, celebrities, and shopkeepers. Their goals are always the same; take care of the client’s assets, their people and their integrity. Guard Security offers more than a person in a uniform. We provide protection when it’s needed for as long as it’s needed.

We protect businesses from loss in four ways:

  • Direct intervention among those who seek to steal from them
  • Physical presences on the scene as a deterrent
  • Covert surveillance to prevent criminal activity from the inside
  • Personal protection / Bodyguards

We work alongside our clients to operate seamlessly in the background to get the job done with minimum disruption to their daily activities. We put in place safety measures to ensure that in the event of an emergency, our clients’ property, employees and others are secure. Our team can offer security patrols in marked or unmarked vehicles as well as on foot.

We provide a group extremely trained and well educated security officers experienced and equipped to deal with and eliminate all your safety issues. Our security solutions are tailor made for our commercial customers and are very effective at discouraging criminal activity as well as promoting a safe atmosphere for both workers and customers.

Security companies provide many options, such as:

  • Standing guard watch
  • Parking lot security
  • Fire watch
  • Event security
  • Logistics
  • Foot patrol
  • Mobile patrol

We can provide all this and more at a very reasonable and affordable rates. All our guards combined have multiple decades of experience. They are trusted by our clients with the task of designing very effective security strategies to meet their specific security needs.

Our officers are experienced in security matters, but also just as important, they are well trained to interface with the public. Our highly qualified staff undergoes extensive screenings and evaluations. Their goal is to manage their overall safety needs.

Each applicant is screened and undergo a thorough background check prior to they're considered for the position. Prior criminal records or felony convictions as well as prior history of substance abuse are automatic disqualifications for applicants looking to enter our employment.

They are trained to anticipate situations that may result in physical or verbal conflict during the course of their duties and can de-escalate those situations before they become hostile. Having such personnel around adds to the comfort level of clients, office professionals and their customers. They go beyond the call of duty for them, which is a testament to their commitment as professionals.

Our armed security guards are also accessible around the clock. They bring extensive law enforcement training and experience for the benefit of our clients. They're available to meet your firm's safety needs at a moment's notice for short-term or long-term assignments.

The employees in our field offices are here to help with all security needs; from security consulting to deploying our uniformed officers in strategic positions. We all work in tandem to deter anyone looking to trigger problems for our clients. These safety professionals are highly educated and well-equipped to perform their duties.

Our security company offers complete enterprise safety solutions, leveraging a global pool of skilled, certified analysts from its safety operations centers in a full service atmosphere. Our service offerings assist organizations by measuring and raising their safety posture; therefore, meeting their compliance and regulatory requirements.

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Guard Security is available to tackle large and small accounts. If you need specialists in uniformed security officers, security patrols, security consultants or investigations, call our office today. We are here to help you with all your security needs.

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