Security guards in Brooklyn, ny

Whether you need to protect your investments in Bushwick or your construction site in Williamsburg, our friendly, professional security guards are up for the task.

​We hire only the best security officers in Brooklyn who are passionate about the trade and take pride in preventing crime and looking out for our clients when they are not able to be there.

​We control access and protect employees from potential harm including but not limited to mass shooters, burglars and thieves. 

​When our private security personnel observe a crime in progress, they will call 911 and provide a full description of the suspect so that NYPD knows who to look for when they respond.​ If a client wants a hands on approach (i.e. for a security guard to approach and detain a burglar) then they should hire one of our armed security guards. 

​There are often celebrities coming to Brooklyn who require a higher level of protection.​ In these cases, our security company is happy to offer armed bodyguards who can also provide an armored vehicle and transportation to the principal.

​When you need serious protection in Brooklyn, please keep us in mind for all your security guard services needs. 

​Contact us today for a free quote.

Security Guards services in Brooklyn
Security Guards Brooklyn, NY