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warning sign on a construction site fence
Security guard patrolling a construction site

Construction Site Security

Construction sites are an appealing goal for vandalism, scrap merchants and opportunistic thieves. It is normal for lots of job sites to undergo some harm at quite a lot of stages of a task, usually time and again. In some circumstances, securityinsurance companies will refuse to insure construction sites with none proof of the protection measures in position.

Guard Security offers a high quality construction site security solutions to companies across the nation. Our guard service is unparalleled and accommodates general perimeter patrols, incident reporting, emergency tactics and far more.

​Our incredibly skilled and trained security officers are all licensed and authoritative beyond query, from their look to their demeanor. Each of our crime prevention agents will undertake site detailed surveys, and will liaise with the project manager or superintendent to undertaking commencement.

As indicated by the most recent insights from the National Insurance Crime Bureau, construction sites are the most vandalized and burglarized sites in the nation. In perspective of measurements, for example, this, it is clearly obvious that there is a need an equipped and successful development security technique set up. One of the essential worries of any construction project manager is access, particularly after hours when contractors are not on the site.

The essential mission at Guard Security is to work in the limit of a vital join forces with our customers keeping in mind the end goal to give an uncommon and expert level of job site security. What creates the distinction between Guard Security and other security companies is our particular aptitude in the construction industry as we give independently customized procedures in light of the particular needs of our customers. We utilize these systems with accuracy and devotion to the security of the job site.

The best construction site protection method starts much prior than the first security officer is positioned onsite. Building a correct foundation founded on the specified details and desires of the site in query is a prerequisite to a effective strategy deployment.

Construction job sites posture many difficulties in light of the huge amount of materials and gear and the boundless measures of space that must be secured. There are frequently numerous passage focuses to a job site, with laborers, contractors, and conveyance individuals going back and forth on a nonstop premise. Building materials and hardware are streaming in and out, which can likewise display issues.

Our construction site security guards are here to help you shield your site from undesirable guests, vandalism, and robbery—both inward and outer. We create and execute security plans that provide the most effective solutions for your job site needs. Devising a process so one can ensure the safety and protection of the construction site in completion is what Guard Security specializes in.

Guard Security gives a thorough scope of construction site security solutions. A private security organization with over 20 years of experience, we work with customers to make an exceedingly noticeable and multi-layered security nearness at their development destinations.

Construction Site Security