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Ever since the tragic events of September 11, 2001 the business community has come to realize not only how vulnerable we are but how untrained we are too. All businesses operating within the five boroughs of New York are required to adhere to strict guidelines set forth by The Fire Department of New York. Fire Guards are one of those little known guidelines. 

Guard Security employs professional teams of FNDY certified Fire Guards. These professionals will help you comply with FDNY statutes when repairing sprinkler systems, constructing new buildings, utilizing acetylene torches. Fire Guards are also required at hotels, discotheques, homeless shelters, marinas and many more. Failure to comply can cost you thousands in needless fines. 

Guard Security boasts a successful and professional staff with proven expertise in fire prevention and awareness. 

​How Can NY Fire Guards Help You?

The Fire Guard Division consists of a hand-picked team of professionals with fire prevention and investigative experience:

  • FDNY Certified.
  • Comprehensive written reports and statements.
  • Fire protection seminars and programs.


In accordance with the requirements of the FDNY, all our Fire Guards have trained and been tested in Fire Prevention and reporting. Working as an authorized Fire Guard is restricted to individuals who have been successfully tested by the FDNY. Businesses who are not in compliance with this law face stiff penalties. 

Training Programs

Our team of professionals will train your associates in preventative measures to be taken while performing our duties at your site. We also offer training experts who will patrol your establishments and make observations identifying areas where you are vulnerable. Daily inspections of fire extinguishers, panic alarms and doors are part of our routine. 

Other Security Services

Guard Security can also provide their expertise in the strategic placement of Security cameras, electronic article surveillance systems, mirrors, etc. As well as the implementation of dedicated Security Officers. 


The staff at Guard Security consists of professional, licensed investigators and peace officers that share a professional working relationship with local, state and federal agencies. We will report any areas where you are vulnerable to fire and fines before it's too late. Avoid unnecessary costs due to penalties and litigations by placing a Certified Fire Guard on duty today. 

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