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We provide uniformed, unarmed and armed security guards that are licensed and certified. Moreover, our services are available at market competitive prices without compromising on the quality. With our security officers, you can finally get rid of the constant worry of protecting your property, employees, assets, loved ones and yourself. We believe in compassion for our clients. With our experience and professionalism, we treat our clients with respect and understand their needs for security.

Our security guards are one of the best available across the nation. Only the most well-trained and with sound understanding of this profession make it to our final squad. Therefore, we provide you with teams that are personally trusted by us.

Whether your situation requires around the clock bodyguard protection services in New York or part time celebrity bodyguard in Los Angeles, we will always deliver our best. Our security guards have been trained to uphold the image of our company. With them, you can expect great code of conduct and the best the industry has to offer in terms of security.

Requirements of a Security Guard

  • To be able to meet any normal situation and to know where to obtain help when needed.
  • To know the geography of the assigned area and to be able to locate phones and emergency     equipment.
  • To be alert at all times while on duty and to watch for activities which could cause injury, loss or damage to client and/or company property.
  • To be courteous at all times.
  • To promptly obey and follow orders given by a supervisor.
  • To perform ones' duties to the best of ones' abilities according to the job specifications. To perform related duties as required.
  • To be able to prepare clear and concise reports of events occurring on and around your assigned area while on duty.


  • Observing and reporting irregular conditions and activities.
  • Allowing only authorized materials to leave a building or site.
  • Allowing only authorized people in restricted areas.
  • Planning against potential harm.
  • Acquiring the respect and good will of clients, thereby preserving and improving the client/vendor relationship.

Security Officer Should Inspect For:

  • Unlocked doors and rooms.
  • Violations of the client's rules, regulations and policies.
  • Fire and safety hazards.
  • Waste of materials.
  • Theft of materials and property.
  • Incendiary and explosive devices.
  • Written material releases for the removal of property.
  • Carrying or use of intoxicants or non-prescription narcotic drugs.
  • Possession of firearms or other weapons.
  • Exposed classified or important documents or procedures.

Security Guards Enforce Against:

  • Crimes by first recognizing that a crime is in progress then calling for law enforcement.
  • Violation of safety rules.
  • Tampering with fire equipment, utilities, machinery and/or client property
  • Possession or the use of illegal drugs.
  • Possession of weapons
  • Disorderly conduct or malicious mischief.
  • Abuse or destruction of property, tools, machines and/or equipment.
  • Smoking where not permitted.
  • Creating unsanitary conditions.

Law Enforcement Shall Be Summoned When:

  • A crime has taken place or is likely to take place.
  • A weapon is involved.
  • A situation is dangerous and cannot be handled by an unarmed security guard alone.
  • There is reasonable cause to believe that a crime has occurred that exposes loss or provides an opportunity for loss to our client. 

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