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Welcome to Guard Security, your resource on nationwide security guards services. In this climate of uncertainty, you cannot be too careful. Whether your business is a retail store, a hospital, school or even construction company, security solutions is very affordable through our various options. Security guard companies are also the very best choice to make your employees and property, safe from vandalism.

Security companies in manhattan for All Your Needs

It is important to hire an experienced service to keep an eye on potential issues such as sabotaging, criminals and bad peoples. Their services are accessible based on the user's requirement. When a company wants to hire us for its security guard services for functions, retail outlets, industrial facilities, for example; We can offer appropriate solutions that are designed for their needs.

Our security team has been providing professional solutions to clients in New York utilizing complete know-how and revolutionary technologies. We are well equipped to supply security for round-the-clock protection of critical infrastructure facilities and higher priority target locations.

We possess the needed experience along with dynamic field supervision. Our field supervision is supported by our management team who conduct random site inspections. We offer high quality, professional, retail security who interface with the public and even desk security solutions.

Our uniformed guards are educated in all aspects of perimeter area security. This service is perfect for construction sites, schools, residence or business. We have expert systems developed for:

  • Access Control
  • Alarm Monitoring and Response
  • Concierge Solutions
  • Employee Escorts
  • Every Day Activity Reports
  • Lock Up and Alarm
  • Visitor Log-In

In addition, they are able to protect while greeting and providing help to executives, employees, tenants and guests. Our desk staff will monitor arrivals and departures, and sign for package deliveries. They are trained to interact with the public and pay close attention for uninvited guests.


When the need for private security is paramount and it’s time to look for an agency that can deliver, the first step is to consider your needs. Our security company can take the right steps to produce a plan that encompasses all your requirements and provide the necessary assets to accomplish your goals. Your daily routine will continue without interruption as we monitor and patrol to safeguard your property and your people.

Our highly trained private security guards offer excellent coverage to deter people who are intent on doing damage or harm. We are totally committed to serving our clients and we are authorized to supply private security guards and partner with our clients to ensure that the process is congruent for their protection.


The Straight Talk on Security

We understand that there might have a number of factors to employ in establishing a security program. We can provide individual security, and can offer 24-hour protective service. Our main objective is to offer you total reassurance in the course of your daily activities. Our security officers come highly recommended and all of our personnel have clean records.

The main advantage that most of our clients feel that we offer is a true partnership. We have been recommended by our clients on many occasions and they have related to our open communication. Another advantage of using our company is the special rates we offer for long term utilization of our service.

Some security companies have odd stipulations in their contracts. Many require long, complicated contracts. Others may only offer security during certain hours. Be sure to look carefully at the fine print and look for signs of issues with their customer service. The company may have a high personnel turnover.

They might be hiring off-duty police officers to provide private security. Take a look at their history and ask lots of questions related to your needs. We wish to develop relationships with our clients. Our professional look, educated employees, and personable nature are purposeful because we invest in making the connection possible in order to establish smooth missions.

Hiring the Security Agency

Hiring an expert security company may be very complex and time consuming. We make selecting and hiring a contract security guard service simple and seamless. We will come out to your location where our group of experts will conduct a full evaluation.

We might point out security weak points, then offer advice regarding the type of options you need. We'll only recommend what you need and not overshoot the goal in hopes of padding the budget. Our integrity and professional reputation are much more essential to us than to squeeze extra dollars from a client. Contact us directly for a free quote.

As a full-service security guard service business, we are equipped to supply armed guards or unarmed guards to oversee big groups, but our solutions don't just end with a standard program. We provide personal security solutions for high profile individuals as well as companies. We protect athletes, entertainers, corporate officers, and even groups.

Small Business Security Services

Large corporations are not the only ones who may need protection. Many small businesses are targets for theft and vandalism as well. Our armed guards can assess risks that you might incur on any offered itinerary and offer top-notch, state-of-the-art protection. Hiring a security company as a component of the company’s overall security plan will go a long way in stopping criminals from targeting your assets.

We offer a number of security solutions, including:


As a widely-trusted and responsive Security Guard Service, we are able to give you the most competitive pricing and service for your area. We also offer you a complimentary on-site security evaluation with no obligation or commitment on your part. That’s right; it's free. Call us today to make your appointment.

Take your company’s security to the next level, and contact us for details on what we can do for you. We offer rapid response and superior security solutions. Be assured that you're in capable hands. Call Guard Security today.

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