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security guards san jose - security guard services in san jose, ca

At Guard Security, we are passionate about the San Jose community and we aim to keep it safe with our forward-thinking security guard services, specifically tailored on the needs, demands and atmosphere of our city.

Located in 111 N Market St, just a little ways from San Jose University and right across the street from Santa Clara Superior Court, we serve our customers in the community with a wide variety of services, responding timely and professionally to any inquiries and request.

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Our diverse range of services include temporary security (perfect for occasional events), office security to keep your workplace safe and stable, as well as special services tailored to any event and circumstance, including short notice security contractors!

We cater to customers 24-hours a day, every day and we rely on a specialized team who will handle any task with professionalism, respect and diligence: your safety is our number one priority.

Besides relying on outstanding personnel, how do we managed to offer outstanding safety services? Well, for starters, you have to know your community and its settings really well, and we sure know San Jose!

As one of the largest metropolitan areas in California, San Jose is a diverse and kaleidoscopic city with an incredible history and lots of cultural and social diversity.

San Jose is a significant urban area, as it is the third largest city in the state (by population, to be precise). The city is home to an exciting community and it is a great place to live and visit, with the amazing weather you would expect from a typical California climate and with the wealth of activities, things to do and attractions that are found in a city the size of San Jose.

Love and passion for local history is a fundamental part of this city, and for many, it is actually a defining factors at the core of the local identity and community spirit.

With its interesting history, multi-cultural citizens and attractions, San Jose set out to largely transcend its humble origins as a farming community, growing exponentially over time and ultimately becoming one of the most sought-after Californian destination, symbolizing the de facto heart of the world-famous Silicon Valley. The dense history of California and the city itself.

By the end of the 90s, San Jose became the absolute hotspot of the blossoming high tech industry, rightfully earning its nickname and unofficial title as the "capital of Silicon Valley". This is where some of the world's most innovating and daring start-up are based and keep setting the bar higher, providing a degree of innovation that affects the entire tech and online industry on a global basis.

You could definitely say that it has been quite an outstanding evolution for San Jose, going from a small farming town as previously mentioned to becoming one fo the world’s most influential technology industry hotbeds.

San Jose’s keen affinity for modernity is not surprising, as the city itself, after all, was build with a keen eye for innovation and with a special outlook on creating an urban hub that could cater to people of all walks of life and their needs in a modern and effective way. The urban planning features all the intelligence and flexibility you would expect from a modern urban area, but signs from the past are still very important to the local community and to the identity of the city itself.

Downtown, for example, is immediately charming, with its timeless aesthetics and bursting liveliness. Downtown San Jose also hosts urban hotspots such as the San Pedro Square Market on 87 North San Pedro Street. This is a lively spot where people can stroll through and have a good time with a wide variety of vendors and food stalls serving anything from pizza to Latin food to sushi and craft beer. Downtown San Jose is relatively modern, as the area experienced significant development starting from the 50s, although there are quite a few earlier beautiful buildings that are currently even listed in the National Register of Historic Places because of their importance. Such buildings include the famous Hotel Sainte Claire as well as many parts of the Downtown Historical District, which is by many considered as the old pulsating heart of the city.

History Park, one of the most important landmarks in the city. Located at the south end of Kelley Park (at the corner of Senter Road and Phelan Avenue) the park itself was actually conceived as an outdoors museum, sporting 32 original and reconstructed buildings, including homes, businesses and other historically relevant institutions. This park is a great way to soak in a little bit of history and learn a bit more about the Santa Clara Valley. It is also a great place to stop buy for a coffee or enjoy a meal within some truly unique settings. If you have a sweet tooth, you are going to want to check out local favorite "O'Brien's Ice Cream Parlor and Candy Shop", where visitors and locals alike enjoy tasty treats every day!

San Jose is also known for other quirky attractions, such as the Winchester Mystery House, which became famous nationwide back in 2010, when it was featured on popular TV show "Good Morning America". The house owes his name to Sarah Winchester, heiress of the Winchester family, the wealthy creators of an influential gun empire. Eventually, the woman became haunted by the sense of guilt from feeling responsible of all the people who died from her family's guns and sought the help of a medium, who convinced her to spend money and efforts into building this majestic and unusual house.

If you are a history buff, San Jose is obviously the perfect place for you, but the city's diverse artistic infrastructure is growing and exciting. The city is home to Symphony Silicon Valley and Opera San Jose, who bring a degree of sophisticated world-class musical culture to the city. The local film industry and film-making community is also very active, as the city is home of several annual events with national relevance, including the San Francisco Asian American Film Festival (in spite the name, parts of this festival are hosted in Downtown San Jose) as well as the Cinequest Film Festival, an event that draws about 60.000 people every year, presenting exciting and daring independent films.

One of the world's most popular event venues is also based in San Jose: The SAP Center is one of the most prolific concert arenas of all times, known for its record sales throughout the United States and beyond: The venue reportedly sold the most tickets throughout the country and it is placed as the third most relevant venue in the whole world, after the Manchester Evening News Arena (Manchester, UK) and the Bell Centre (Montreal, Canada).

Local sports fan are devote to the San Jose Sharks, beloved NHL legends! The San Jose Earthquakes are also a really popular soccer team, ranking as one of the country's most followed and supported teams in this fast-growing sporting discipline.

San Jose is an absolute favorite destination for foodies and lovers of fine cuisine and dining experiences that could easily rival some of the world’s best food cities. Besides enjoying some classic Americana, San Jose is a true haven for Mexican and American / Mexican fusion. Locally renowned eateries such as Zona Rosa (The Alameda) are a perfect place where to enjoy a creative meal build around the concept of Mexican fusion, going for a fresh and genuine approach where healthy ingredients are the keys.

Creativity is the key for many people, who are doing some truly interesting things. For example, "The Table" on Willow Street focuses largely on seasonal ingredients and local specialties, including some of the best Californian wines.

However, it isn't just about Mexican culture and culinary innovation: San Jose is also a place where Asian foodies thrive. This city is indeed home to a very large Vietnamese population, being actually the place with the largest Vietnamese population rate….after the country of Vietnam itself! San Jose is also one of the 3 cities in America where you can still visit the local Japantown: as a result, the city is chockfull of Asian delicacies, ranging from authentic pho and bhan mi (Vietnamese classics) to some out-of-this-world ramen and sushi, blurring the lines between tradition and innovation.

If you are looking to get away from the city buzz, San Jose is just a little ways from some truly awesome natural landmarks, including the charming Santa Cruz Mountains as well as South Bay, home to some of the most beautiful beaches and sea-front locations. The city is also a perfect gateway to some of the most famous attractions in California, including the world-famous Yosemite national park, which is easily accessible from South Bay and it is perfect for exciting day trips. Napa Valley and Lake Tahoe are also pretty close, and they are an amazing destination to experience some of the most beautiful California outdoors or to follow the trails of some of the best wine-makers in the United States of America.

Ultimately, San Jose is really a unique place with a strong personality: an amazing community where to live as well as a great place to visit in order to experience a very unique piece of authentic California culture and history!

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